China Hot selling 4.4m External Gear Slewing Bearing with Good quality

Product Description

Slewing Bearing Production Description
Large Diameter Slewing Bearing 132.50.4000 for Port Crane 

following are the similar 3 row cylinderical roller slewing bearings we can also produce:

 Model over all Dimension
None gear    External Gear Internal Gear D d H
130.25.500 131.25.500 133.25.500 634 366 148
132.25.500 134.25.500 634 366 148
130.25.560 131.25.560 133.25.560 694 426 148
132.25.560 134.25.560 694 426 148
130.25.630 131.25.630 133.25.630 764 496 148
132.25.630 134.25.630 764 496 148
130.25.710 131.25.710 133.25.710 844 576 148
132.25.710 134.25.710 844 576 148
130.32.800 131.32.800 133.32.800 964 636 182
132.32.800 134.32.800 964 636 182
130.32.900 131.32.900 133.32.900 1064 736 182
132.32.900 134.32.900 1064 736 182
130.32.1000 131.32.1000 133.32.1000 1164 836 182
132.32.1000 134.32.1000 1164 836 182
130.32.1120 131.32.1120 133.32.1120 1284 956 182
132.32.1120 134.32.1120 1284 956 182
130.40.1250 131.40.1250 133.40.1250 1445 1055 220
132.40.1250 134.40.1250 1445 1055 220
130.40.1400 131.40.1400 133.40.1400 1595 1205 220
132.40.1400 134.40.1400 1595 1205 220
130.40.1600 131.40.1600 133.40.1600 1795 1405 220
132.40.1600 134.40.1600 1795 1405 220
130.40.1800 131.40.1800 133.40.1800 1995 1605 220
132.40.1800 134.40.1800 1995 1605 220
130.45.2000 131.45.2000.03   2195 1816 150
131.45.2000.04   2221 1779 231
131.45.2000 133.45.2000 2221 1779 231
132.45.2000 134.45.2000 2221 1779 231
130.45.2240 131.45.2240 133.45.2240 2461 2019 231
132.45.2240 134.45.2240 2461 2019 231
131.45.2500.04   2721 2279 231
130.45.2500 131.45.2500 133.45.2500 2721 2279 231
132.45.2500 134.45.2500 2721 2279 231
130.45.2800 131.45.2800 133.45.2800 3571 2579 231
132.45.2800 134.45.2800 3571 2579 231
132.45.2800.03   3571 2579 231
132.45.2800.12   3571 2579 231
130.50.3150 131.50.3150 133.50.3150 3432 2868 270
132.50.3150 134.50.3150 3432 2868 270
130.50.3150.12K     3432 2868 270
  131.30.3150.12K   3376 2922 182
  131.50.3150.12K   3432 2868 270
  132.50.3150.12K   3432 2868 270
  132.50.3150.12K1   3432 2868 270
    133.50.3150.11K 3432 2868 270
    133.50.3150.12K 3432 2868 270
    133.50.3150.12K1 3432 2868 270
    134.50.3150.11K 3432 2868 270
130.50.3550 131.50.3550 133.50.3550 3832 3268 270
132.50.3550 134.50.3550 3832 3268 270
132.50.3550.03K   3832 3268 270
132.50.3550.12   3832 3268 270
130.50.4000 131.50.4000 133.50.4000 4282 3718 270
132.50.4000 134.50.4000 4282 3718 270
131.50.4000.04K   4282 3718 270
132.50.4000.12   4282 3718 270
130.50.4500 131.50.4500 133.50.4500 4782 4218 270
132.50.4500 134.50.4500 4782 4218 270
131.50.4500.04   4782 4218 270
132.50.4500.04   4782 4218 270
  131.60.5000.04   5320 4670 320

Why choose CZPT slewing bearings
A pioneer in slewing bearing field, rich experience, can do design, produce, mounting guide
Small order accepted
SO certified company
Variorum models
7*24hours hotline to help you with your cranes
Strict quality control system to ensure quality for slewing bearing

LYHY Slewing Bearing Types
LYHY slewing bearings can be divided into the following types as per  their structures:
single row 4 point contact ball slewing bearing,
single row cross roller slewing bearing,
double row different ball diameter slewing bearing,
3 row cylindrical roller slewing bearing and roller/ball combination slewing bearing.
And all these types of slewing bearings can be further divided into bearings without gears, bearings with external gears and bearings with internal gears.

Detailed description of these types slewing bearings

Single row 4 point contact ball slewing bearings
     This kind of slewing bearings can support high dynamic loads, transmitting axial and radial forces simultaneously as well as the resulting tilting moments. Applications of this kind of bearings are hoisting, mechanical handling and general mechanical engineering etc.
Single row cross roller slewing bearings
     This kind of bearings can support combinations of large radial force, medium axial force and tilting moment with small or zero clearance. Main applications of this kind of bearings are hoisting and mechanical handling and general mechanical engineering etc.
Double row different ball diameter slewing bearings
     This kind of bearings can support high static loads with simple structures. They are mainly used in situations with variation load position and direction and continuously rotating. Main applications of this kind of bearings are deck hoisting, mining and material handling etc.
Triple row cylindrical roller slewing bearings
     This kind of bearings has high load carrying capacity. Under same loads, this kind of bearings has much smaller diameters which can make the installation much compact, as different kinds of loads are supported by different races and rollers. Main applications of this kind of bearings are hoisting, mechanical handling, mining and materials handling, offshore technology and general mechanical engineering etc.
Roller/ball combination slewing bearings
     This kind of bearings can support high axial load and low tilting moments. Usually they are large diameter slewing bearings. Applications of this kind of bearings are mining and materials handling etc.

About CZPT bearings
1.introduction:we are a manufacturer of slewing bearing since 1993, our factory occupies a area of 30000square meters with 4 workshop and 1 office building. 
2. Featured products: slewing bearing and slewing drive
3. Capital: Current is 1 million RMB, but we are increasing the capital to 10 million RMB
4. Workers: 40
5. Certificate: ISO9001:2008, 3.1 certificate, CCS certificate, Science and Technology Progress Award
6. Annual Exportation: 8million USD
7. Exported countries: (39)
Asia: India, Pakistan, Iran, Signore, Georgia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Israel, Korea, UAE, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia,
Europe: Turkey, Russia, Spain, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Ukraine, UK
America: USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Peru, Chile
Africa: South Africa, Egypt
Oceania: Australia

Production Process of CZPT slewing bearings

Quality Control Process of CZPT slewing bearings

LYHY Slewing Bearing Packing 
Bearing surface is covered with the anti-rust oil first; and then wrapped with the plastic film;
And then packed with kraft paper and professional belts;
At last, with wooden box totally at the outer packing to invoid the rust or the moist;
We can depend on the customers  demand to be packed;

All CZPT slewing ring bearings can be usually delivered timely, usual production time is 15-50 days based on different slew bearings diameters, sometimes slew rings will be in stock.
Slewing bearings can be offered different delivery terms, such as EXW, FOB, CIF, DDU and so on.
Also, slewing rings can be transported by different transport ways, by express (such as DHL, TNT, UPS, FEDEX and so on), by air, by sea, by truck, by railway and so on.

Slewing Ring Bearings——Applications:
Slewing ring bearings are widely used in industry and known as “the machine joints” Here under is the specific slewing bearing applications
1. Construction machinery (e.g. cranes, excavators, loader, scraper)
2. Metallurgical machinery (e.g. for steel plant)
3. Heavy machinery equipment (e.g. mining machinery, concrete machinery)
4. Marine machinery equipment (e.g. vessel, port hoisting machine, port oil transfer equipment, onshore and offshore crane)
5. Light machinery equipment (e.g. paper machine, plastic, rubber machine, weave machine)
6. Wind power generator
7. Packing machinery


Q: Are LYHY BEARINGS trading company or manufacturer?
A: CZPT BEARINGS is a professional manufacturer for slewing bearings, thin section bearings, ball bearings and rolling bearings

Q: How do LYHY BEARINGS control quality of their bearing?
A: LYHY BEARINGS has established strict quality control systems, all the products and services has passed ISO9001-2008 Quality Certificate and third party such as CCS, LR,ABS,BV

Q: What is the MOQ?
A: MOQ is 1pc, pls message us for detailed information.

Q: How about the package for CZPT bearings?
A: Standard Industrial packing in general condition (Plastic tube+ professional plastic belts+ plywood case). Accept design package when OEM.

Q: How long is the production time?
A: It takes about 7-40 days, depends on the model and quantity.

Q: How about the shipping?
A: We can arrange the shipment or you may have your own forwarder.

Q: Is sample available?
A: Yes, sample order is acceptable.

Q: Can we use our own LOGO or design on bearings?
A: Yes. OEM is acceptable for LYHY BEARINGS. We can design as per your requirements and use your own LOGO and package design.


Make sure that the model is correct and slewing bearing isn’t damaged during transportation.
2.  Check the appearance and rotational state of the bearing, such as rotational precision clearance, rotating flexibility, seals position, lubrication grease etc.
3.  The installation datum plane and bracket installing plane should be clean, grease, burr, paint and other foreign body should be wiped off.


1. The screws in the installing plane should be fit with the mounting holes in the slewing bearing
2.  The slewing bearing has a soft zone marked with an “s” on the upper surface, when installing the bearing, it is important to ensure that this area is placed in a non-load or infrequent load zone.
3.  When the bearing is placed on the supporting frame work it is important to check the interface between these 2 surfaces. This check should be carried out with the insertion of feel gauges between the 2 surfaces. If a gap should exist then it is recommended to plane/resurface the effective area so as to remove the gap.
4.  Install slewing bearing with high strength screws, and choose appropriate strength bolts. All bolts are required to be tightened evenly. The sequence of this tightening process is shown in Pic. Welding of bearing is not allowed, in the event of welding any adjacent parts, heat transfer shall be avoided so as to cause the bearing to become deformed or change the hardness.
5.  After installation, the bearing should be rotated to check for smooth operation and any emission of unusual noise. If either of the aforementioned are noted, then the bearing should be adjusted to eliminate them. The teeth of the largest run-out are coated with green paint.

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Standard or Nonstandard: Standard
Feature: Cold-Resistant
Sealing Gland: Sealed On Both Sides
Rolling-Element Number: Multiple-Column
Roller Type: Four Point Contact Ball
Material: 42CrMo
US$ 30000/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

Request Sample



Customized Request

slewing bearing

Are there any Notable Advancements in Slewing Bearing Technology in Recent Years?

In recent years, there have been several notable advancements in slewing bearing technology, driven by the demand for improved performance, efficiency, and durability. Some key advancements include:

  • Enhanced Materials:

New material compositions, coatings, and surface treatments have been developed to improve the corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and overall longevity of slewing bearings. These advancements enable bearings to perform reliably in harsh environments.

  • Integrated Sensors:

Advancements in sensor technology have led to the integration of sensors within slewing bearings. These sensors monitor parameters such as temperature, load, and vibrations, providing real-time data for predictive maintenance and improving overall operational efficiency.

  • Sealing and Contamination Control:

New sealing technologies and designs have been introduced to enhance the sealing effectiveness of slewing bearings, preventing the ingress of contaminants and extending bearing life. These advancements are particularly beneficial in industries with demanding environmental conditions.

  • Smart Lubrication Systems:

Advanced lubrication systems have been developed, incorporating features like automatic lubrication and condition-based lubrication. These systems optimize lubrication levels, reducing friction and wear, and contributing to longer bearing life.

  • Improved Manufacturing Techniques:

Precision manufacturing techniques, such as advanced machining and forging methods, have improved the consistency and quality of slewing bearings. This results in bearings with tighter tolerances, better load distribution, and enhanced performance.

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Simulation:

FEA and simulation software have been employed to model and analyze the behavior of slewing bearings under various conditions. This technology aids in optimizing bearing design, load distribution, and durability.

  • Customization and Tailored Solutions:

Manufacturers are increasingly offering customized slewing bearing solutions to meet specific application requirements. This includes designing bearings for unique loads, dimensions, and operating conditions.

  • Digitalization and Industry 4.0 Integration:

Integration with Industry 4.0 principles has led to the development of connected and digitally-enabled slewing bearing solutions. This enables remote monitoring, data analysis, and predictive maintenance strategies.

These advancements collectively contribute to more reliable, efficient, and durable slewing bearings, meeting the evolving needs of industries across the board.

slewing bearing

What are the Common Maintenance Practices for Ensuring the Durability of Slewing Bearings?

Maintaining slewing bearings is crucial for ensuring their longevity and optimal performance. Here are some common maintenance practices to enhance the durability of slewing bearings:

  • Regular Inspection:

Perform routine visual inspections to check for signs of wear, corrosion, and damage. Inspect seals, lubrication levels, and any unusual noises or vibrations during operation.

  • Lubrication:

Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for lubrication intervals and use appropriate lubricants. Lubricate the bearings to ensure smooth operation, reduce friction, and prevent wear.

  • Seal Maintenance:

Inspect and maintain seals to prevent the ingress of contaminants such as dust, dirt, and moisture. Damaged or worn seals should be replaced promptly.

  • Cleaning:

Regularly clean the bearing and its surrounding area to remove dirt, debris, and contaminants that could affect performance. Keep the bearing environment as clean as possible.

  • Environmental Protection:

If the bearings are exposed to harsh conditions, consider using protective covers or shields to prevent direct exposure to elements like water, chemicals, and abrasive materials.

  • Alignment and Mounting:

Ensure proper alignment during installation to prevent unnecessary stress on the bearing. Accurate mounting reduces the risk of misalignment-related failures.

  • Torque Monitoring:

If the bearing has gears, regularly monitor and maintain the torque levels to prevent overloading and premature wear.

  • Load Distribution:

Operate the machinery within the specified load limits to avoid overloading the bearing, which can lead to fatigue and failure.

  • Replacement of Worn Components:

If any components, such as seals or lubrication fittings, show signs of wear, replace them promptly to maintain the integrity of the bearing system.

  • Documentation:

Maintain records of maintenance activities, including lubrication schedules, inspections, and any repairs or replacements. This documentation helps track the bearing’s history and aids in decision-making.

  • Training:

Ensure that maintenance personnel are adequately trained to carry out proper inspection, lubrication, and maintenance procedures.

By implementing these maintenance practices, you can maximize the service life of slewing bearings, minimize downtime, and maintain consistent machinery performance.

slewing bearing

What is a Slewing Bearing and How Does It Work?

A slewing bearing, also known as a turntable bearing, is a specialized type of rolling-element bearing designed to handle axial, radial, and moment loads simultaneously. It allows rotational movement between two parts while supporting the loads applied to them. Slewing bearings are commonly used in various applications such as cranes, construction equipment, wind turbines, and industrial machinery.

At its core, a slewing bearing consists of multiple components, including an outer ring, an inner ring, rolling elements (balls or rollers), and in some designs, a gear or teeth arrangement. The outer ring is typically stationary and mounted to a fixed structure, while the inner ring is connected to the rotating part. The rolling elements provide smooth movement between the two rings, enabling rotation.

Slewing bearings work by minimizing friction and distributing loads effectively across the rolling elements. When a rotational force is applied to the inner ring, the rolling elements facilitate the smooth rotation of the inner ring relative to the outer ring. The rolling elements are positioned within raceways or grooves in the rings, ensuring proper contact and load distribution.

The addition of gears or teeth to the slewing bearing design enables the transmission of torque between the inner and outer rings. This feature is particularly useful when precise rotation control is required, as seen in applications like cranes and heavy machinery.

In summary, a slewing bearing functions as a rotational joint that can support various loads and movements. Its design, which includes rolling elements and optional gear systems, allows it to manage axial, radial, and moment loads while facilitating smooth rotation between connected parts.

China Hot selling 4.4m External Gear Slewing Bearing   with Good qualityChina Hot selling 4.4m External Gear Slewing Bearing   with Good quality
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